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In all moments of life, a secret spell is cast by the ambience. The warmth of a home or the dynamism of a workplace-each contributes to our mind state in a subtle manner. The charm of Paradise 6 by Kanav Daver shapes lifestyles in its own surreal way. The designer Kanav Daver strives to make India's rich textile and craft traditions to outshine on the global market.

He recreates Indian handicrafts in a contemporary face coming together as delicacies of home furnishings. Each product reflects his creativity fused with experience aiming to give livelihood to the Indian craftsmen and contemporising their unsung craft.


The label was brought into being by him after a specialization in Textile Design and a deserving win of the award for the 'Best Design collection' from one of the top-notch design institutes of the day. All his caliber and skill took the shape of a luxury label called Paradise 6 by Kanav Daver in june, 2009. His prior rigorous work experience with design houses, furnishing stores, hospitality industry and other domestic and international turnkey projects lends his label a rare perfection.

The label envisions making everyday living - beautiful and special occasions - charismatic


Whether its a 5 star property, a luxury villa or a budgeted apartment we cater to all. Paradise 6 can create the perfect look in textiles. It can interpret themes, coordinate colors / textures and at the same time adding that element of surprise. The company has its own design studio and sampling unit where new ideas are born and created. The in- house production helps the customisation to be of the highest order and quality.

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